Single source for managing

customer interactions

About our Modules

One-stop solution unifying customer experience

Omni-Channel Customer Experience Cloud

Provide flexibility to interact with the customer central team via any channel of the customer's choice (voice, chat, email, SMS, web to case, portals).

Agent-Supervisor Interactions

Supervisors can enable agents to help customers on complex issues using the “whisper” option.

AI Overlay to Enhance Experience

Language AI and sentiment analysis powers dynamic scripts with recommendations and document AI integration to digitize manual data points seamlessly.

Native Data Lake Integration

Generate data via Customer Experience Cloud or any other application can be aggregated in a data lake and relayed to downstream or upstream systems.


CRM Integration

Integrated CRM and channels with access to call history, notes, contact information and status based on caller ID.

Process Digitization

Document AI integrated with portal workflows to integrate manual, paper-driven processes into a seamless customer experience.

Workforce Engagement

Built-in productivity tools include knowledge base recommendations, agent time management, workforce billing and dashboards to track KPIs and service level agreements.

AI Enabled Call Transcripts

Real-time transcription of voicemails with case categorization.

Multi-Language Support

Support for both voice and text, utilizing AI auto-recognition.